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The Trench, manly coat by excellence!

Rainy days? Wake up, grab your morning coffee and wrap yourself up in a Trench coat to tackle the moody weather !

Once worn by the English and the French soldiers of WWI, the Trench had its moment of glory in the 60s as an iconic piece used by the most famous actors of films noirs! Tightened at the waist, it highlights a manly attitude and a strong personality! Alain Delon could play both the gangster and the detective with his Trench on!

1.A must-have for mid-seasons !

Too hot, too cold, cloudy days… If you don’t know how to dress in mid-seasons, the Trench coat is the piece you need in your closet! This light item maintains breathability while staying waterproof.

Indeed, if you don’t want to be sweating under your coat, avoid polyester-based fabrics and prefer natural fibers like cotton that will allow the skin to breath!

2. From formal to casual, it matches every situation

The Trench is a classic that went through generations without aging one bit: it is back in style every autumn! Very versatile item, it can be matched with literally anything!

Don’t hesitate to match it with a suit or blue jeans, from formal to casual, you will always feel well-dressed!

3. The Trench enhances the stature!

A tailor-made Trench lengthens the silhouette and accentuates the waist without revealing stoutness. The long Trench fits taller men better for its balancing effect on the silhouette. The mid-thigh cut will be more adapted to medium sized persons thanks to its emphasis on the chest.

For an elegant wear, the Trench should be adjusted to shoulders width as to flatter the chest, giving it a very masculine stare.

Our autumn mood board !

A bientôt !

Atelier Fusari

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