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Why you should wear blue!

Back to work? September is arriving, it is time to rethink your gentleman outfit … in blue!

Blue is a versatile color that can be worn easily to go working and that can be declined in many variants!

Here are some blue ideas for a safe and elegant look at any time!

1) The 3-piece Yale blue suit with a striped thin tie

The 3-piece Yale blue suit is a very elegant outfit that can match different contexts. Adding different shades of blue with a striped blue tie is a safe way to look more sophisticated. The stripes give a clean look to the suit!

Our tip: with a striped tie, prefer a plain color shirt!

2) The tailored separate assorted with a blue knitted tie

This tailored separate associates the royal blue and the navy blue colors to create a nice contrasting effect! The knitted tie adds the last touch of originality with its textured effect!

Our tip: do not assort more than two shades of blue. On this picture, our model matched his navy blue tie with his navy blue vest to keep the balance with the royal blue pants.

3) The blue intense slim-fit blazer with assorted pocket square

The white pocket square with blue embroidery adds a subtle touch of elegance to this blue intense slim-fit blazer! You can experiment with the different folding styles, from the most neutral to the most sophisticated!

Our tip: wear the flat fold when going to work and change it to a 3 pic fold when going to your date straight after work!

Atelier Fusari’s blue mood!

Blue reflects serenity, trust and reliability, which are essential characteristics for making a good impression! Indeed, if you want to be successful, wear blue!

A bientôt!

Atelier Fusari

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