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Our bespoke tailoring process



1. The bespoke process starts with discussing client personal preferences, tastes and requirements for the suit. Whether it’s a wedding, job interview or a business meeting, we make sure your suit fits the occasion.



2. Next, the cloth is chosen from one of the hundreds of fabrics available. We carry all fabrics from well-established European companies, thus we offer a wide selection of fabrics directly from Italy. All our suits fabrics are 100% wool and our shirts fabrics are 100% cotton. 



3. After choosing the cloth and the style of garments, we take a number of measurements considering all the possible alterations that could be made. 



4. Two weeks after the first appointment, you are invited back to our showroom for the fitting. We will make further adjustments and with a last fitting the suit will fit you perfectly.



Along with our tailored suits, we offer shirts, tuxedos, trench coats, and accessories.

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