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Our story

Ben, the founder of Atelier Fusari, is an Italian born French who’s always been fascinated by fashion trends and design. Thanks to his great-grandfather M. Sebastiano Fusari, who had a tailor shop in Italy, Ben had the opportunity to master the creation and details of tailor-made suits, shirts, jackets and so on.


Today, at Atelier Fusari we know what makes the difference between a good tailor-made suit and a great tailor-made suit.


Our values

Atelier Fusari is renown for its made to measure clothes for men. Our stylists personally look after your every need and supervise your order from start to finish. Additionally, we advise each customer on the best color matching and best suit design according to the customer’s body while respecting their preferences.


Our purpose is to offer clients a new shopping experience, both exclusive and enjoyable in a friendly shop! Mixing designs from France and fabric from Italy, Atelier Fusari is the best brand for quality fitted suits at affordable prices with the best service. We understand the needs of each individual client and create elegant and comfortable clothing of unsurpassed quality, preserving the highest standards of traditional bespoke tailoring. All of our suit fabrics are 100% wool and all our shirts are 100% cotton


Our differences

Here at Atelier Fusari, we take care of each customer individually and make them feel comfortable in our shop, proposing a high quality offer for a fair price!


Our appointment process allows us to take all the time needed to understand every need, particular detail and special requests of each client. We want our customers to enjoy a tailoring experience creating a very personal product with a defined price from the beginning. A fixed price, a fair price.

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