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Reach the pic of Business Chic!

‘Clothes make the man’, nowhere else is this saying more applicable than in the business world!

To what do we recognize a trusted business man? A firm handshake, a confident tone, and an amazing suit!

Today, we will show you how to go from credible to influential in various business contexts! Here is your chance to stand out in the crowd of corporate workers all wearing the same suits!

1) The Account Manager: a grey Prince of Wales suit

This checkered Prince of Wales is a simple yet sophisticated business suit, perfect for an important meeting or to sign a big contract!

In the world of business chic, less is more! If you want to look refined, prefer a subtle Prince of Wales pattern rather than a bold one.

2) The Creative Designer: a smart casual style with tan blazer and woolen tie!

Dressing professional does not always imply wearing a full suit, as some workplaces allow more freedom in the choice of the outfit. The woolen tie, less traditional, comes to fine-tune this smart casual look on top of a well-fitted blazer!

We love the suede collar and elbow-pads, bringing a touch of originality on this tan blazer!

Our advice: prefer a tailored blazer that will fit your body type and make you look sharp in any situation!

3) The Marketing Director: light brown suit and burgundy tie!

If you want to look inspired, choose warm tones like this mix of light brown and burgundy! The secret of this chic: the burgundy tie and pocket square add small touches of rich wine color that catches the eye!

Our advice: match the socks color with the accessories for a sharper look!

4) The Chief Financial Officer: The intense blue lines outfit!

The vertical lines of the shirt and suit add structure to the outfit for a neat effect! You can use accessories to complete this very professional look, with a flat fold pocket square and a striped tie.

In winter, do not forget the long cashmere coat that swings along and makes you look so elegant as you run to the next meeting!

What about you? Do you want to reach the peak of business chic?

A Bientôt!

Atelier Fusari

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