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Suit & Sneakers

Every decade has a main fashion trend! The 90s were ruled by the flannel-and-cardigan look, the early 2000s with the hoodie and blazer combo and today the trend is to wear a suit with sneakers.

Because we want you to look like the same than the guy on left instead of the guy on the right, we decided to share you 5 tips to look sharp with suit & sneakers.

1. Absolute necessity of the perfect tailoring

Having a perfected tailored suit is the must for your everyday suit but this is even more important when you want to break the code and wear it with sneakers!

Ensures pants are fitted and not baggy style to fit with your sneakers. A suit that is too loose, too long or too short doesn’t look elegant at all.

2. Keep it simple

Wearing sneakers with a suit is already a good way to fresh up a traditional style!

Don’t over dress especially if you’re not comfortable. A black sneakers for evening events and a white pair of sneakers (with white laces) for casual days: 2 pairs of sneakers that are extremely versatile and fits all your suits.

3. Sometimes yes sometimes no

Yes, break out the traditional leather shoes for a date, a drink with friends or maybe a casual wedding, but not for a job interview or important business meeting!

The most important is to not forget that your clothing should always match the traditional dress code of the situation you'll be encountering.

4. Play with colors and materials

Confident enough with your style? Forget the idea that only white fits. A black, grey or tone-to-tone pair of sneakers will look just as beautiful.

The different materials can enhance the look. Leather sneakers will give a more elegant look compare to a pair of canvas which may be limiting. Suede sneakers brings variety for formal dressing. So let your creativity express itself!

5. Our 3 outfits recommendation

  • White sneakers with a blue suit and white shirt is the most classic but impossible to miss your original style.

  • Black sneakers with a grey suit is an elegant and safe outfit that always match.

  • Blue tone-on-tone sneakers with a tailored double-breasted to be original and trendy.


Be confident and aware of the fashion trend to not make a mistake.

Never wear dirty or worn-out sneakers with a suit.

Prefer leather material to match it perfectly.

Feel free to exchange with us by comments if you have any question.

À bientôt

Atelier Fusari team

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