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How Long does an order take to make?

AF: Normaly it takes 3 weeks to do the first fitting. Then a couple of days are required if some adjustements are needed. It is possible to jump the line and have it done in 4 days with our express service.


When is the showroom open?

AF: We are available at any time for appointments. If your desired time is not listed on the online app, give us a call and we will work around your schedule. 


What languages do you speak at the showroom?

AF: English, Chinese, Spanish, and of course French.


Is it possible to set up an appointment at my home or office?

AF: We will be happy to bring our work to you if there are at least 3 people interested. We also can organize trunk show and private events upon request.


What fabric do you work with?

AF: We work with 100% wool fabric and some other natural materials such as linen, cashmere and silk for our suits and coat. We prefer 100% cotton fabric for shirts and some exclusive cotton imported from Albini made in Italy for our premium shirt range.


Once an order is made, is it possible to change suit personalization options?

AF: You can contact us up to 24 hours after the order is made to make changes.


How many fittings do you need for the suit?

AF: We usually do two fitting. The first fitting is plan after making the suit, and one other fitting is done to make sure the suit is on it's way to a perfect fit after some adjustments. Please note, our process will be different for our luxury suit service.


Can you deliver my order to another country?

AF: Yes we can. Just be aware you will do the final fitting  yourself and delivery fees will be added to the order. The delivery will be guaranted 3 weeks after.


What can I expect with my Atelier Fusari order?

AF: At Atelier Fusari, we provide expert advice and service with a perfect suit cut at a fair price. Our mission is to enhance your style to satisfy your greatest expectations. Your Atelier Fusari suit will be unique.


Do you do corporate uniforms or personnel suits?

AF: Yes we can. You can contact us by email to explain us what do you need in details.






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