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Grasp the essence of British elegance!

Today, we unveil the secrets of the British Bespoke heritage! Because, Yes, one as to be elegant to become member of the Cricket club! After this, you’ve got no excuse to not show up to the Queen’s tea party!

1) The tailored separate with a checkered blazer!

The tailored separate allows to play with the codes of sartorial elegance with attention to detail: pocket square and knitted tie fine-tune this casual outfit!

The key to wearing separates is contrast! The cream pants contrast well with the checkered blazer! Choosing light grey pants is also a good option as it will easily match with the top part!

2) The 3-piece tweed suit

Tweed is a sturdy fabric that was originally used by Scottish workers to stay warm in the cold northern weather!

It later became the ideal sporting outfit, worn by British noblemen for deer hunting and other leisure pastimes. Nowadays, tweed conveys a casual elegant look, perfect for an autumnal wedding!

3) The herringbone tweed blazer

For a classic yet fancy stare, go for the herringbone fabric, a good alternative for your tweed blazer! With its heavy knit made of zigzag yarns, it became a staple piece of winter collections!

The richness of the herringbone patterns give consistency to the silhouette and matches easily with a pair of blue jeans and Oxford shoes, a must to complete your casual-chic look!

4) The burgundy Striped tie

Irish poet Oscar Wilde once said, “a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”. So British, the diagonal stripes remind us of the tie and uniform tradition in famous English colleges Oxford and Cambridge!

The burgundy striped tie adds distinction to a suit by its lines as well as its fantastic color for Autumn.

5) The single breasted camel coat

Sober and elegant with its 3 side pockets, the single breasted camel coat is perfect to complete your look as a British gentleman coming from Savile row!

Do you want to dress as sophisticated as a British gentleman?


To stand out, go for a 3 piece tweed suit.

Add a long length single breasted coat to not over-dress.

For a casual-chic look, prefer the tweed blazer.

To take care of your tweed, use dry cleaning or it will shrink.

A Bientôt!

Atelier Fusari

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