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Gentleman September closet !

September is here! Season changing, new objectives, back to work or still in holidays, it is a great month ahead! We love the month of September as you can mix a lot of different items and look super stylish. Be yourself and create your own look adding layers and mixing materials with elegant and fitted clothes! Here is our « back to school » selection for gentlemen : Casual-chic but still professional for a perfect look !

The total look Casual-chic !

  • Casual tan blazer, versatile color, designed with brown bulk details and slim fit cut.

  • Navy blue vest, perfect to add more elegance to the look.

  • White shirt with italian collar and knitted tie : professional and trendy!

  • Dark blue Chino pant, easy to wear and matching any item

  • Brown leather shoes to enhance the look

Tips: Never close the last button of your vest.

The Yale blue suit with striped thin tie

Yale blue ? Yes we are talking about a blue ton, Yale blue is more fresh and original than the classic navy blue. Lighter and with some grey nuance, it is a nice color to chose for your september suit! To look more sophisticated with this light color suit, add a thin striped tie matching your thin jacket lapel!

Tips: To be safe, prefer wearing a plain color shirt with your striped thin tie.

The pocket square

We recently achieved a peak of pocket square in men closet! The pocket square is the new trendy accessory for men style. The good thing is there is not many rules to wear this accessory perfectly. You can play as much as you want with colors, paterns but also by the way to fold it : straight fold, 3 peaks, puff, it is up to you !

Buying one only? The white pocket square is the must have! A pure color with a contrasting embroidered edge, found in more than 12 colors!

Now that you got all our tips for a sharp style, let's take advantage of the last warm days in September and go out with style!

A bientôt!

Atelier Fusari

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