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What to put in your suitcase for October holidays ?

Holidays are approaching and you are now finalizing the trip organization: passport, flight tickets, hotel bookings, … everything seems ready for next week.

What about your suitcase? Don’t wait till last minute to go over your checklist! Well-traveled men always plan ahead to get the items they need ;) Have a look at our tips to skillfully prepare your suitcase !

1. One versatile blazer & colorful chino pants

The weather is getting cooler and fresh tones are announcing the spirit of the season… Pale greys and navy blues are easy colors to match for this autumn and will give you a sophisticated look!

When it comes to the chino pants, the choice is wider: cream, white, burgundy, green, … don’t hesitate to take your favorite !

2. Pastel colors are our favorites for this season!

We love the red and yellow pastel for the choice of the shirt! Those light tons are easy to play with!

Our advice: do not stick to light blue and light pink which are the basic colors of business shirts! For example, this unique pastel yellow brightens up your look!

3. The white shirt !

The white shirt stays a key item to take in your luggage as it matches any situation.

Our advice: roll-up your sleeves for a casual look! Also, when your shirt starts to blacken, it is time to change it! A tarnished white shirt will not convey a neat appearance!

4. The accessories

The pocket square is the piece that adds the ultimate touch of originality to an outfit !

We selected the white embroidered pocket square for its sharp style! It’s up to you to choose a more flowery one according to your taste !

5. The Trench Coat

For this changing season, it can be useful to have a Trench in case of windy days, rainy episodes, or just for your way back when it gets colder in mid-October!

If you are thinking of getting one, have a look at our last article “the Trench, manly coat by excellence!” to know how to choose the perfect Trench coat!


Choose items and colors that you can combine together to create several outfits

Prefer lightweight clothes that can be carried easily

Have fun with colors and pocket squares! After all, vacations are the best moment for self-expression !

Whether you’re planning to go on a seaside escape or on an urban journey in a bustling city, nothing will stop you from being sharply dressed !

A bientôt!

Atelier Fusari

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