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Movember? Spread the word for a MEN cause!

1st of November is the start of Movember!! Are you taking the challenge?

More than just a trend of growing beards, it defends a real cause! Here is why we should speak up!

Why Movember?

Movember isn’t only a trend of growing facial hair, it is a different way to draw attention to men health topics that are still ignored.

It is not often that we see a movement for MEN’s CAUSE, but as everyone in this world, Men also need attention, love and care!

Atealier Fusari, as a men brand, feels really concerned and wants to spread the word about this great movement!

  1. The Moustache that triggers conversations !

In 2003, a group of friends started to grow their mustache to generate a wave in Australia. This soon became a global movement in favor of men health! As people would question the Mo’s changing appearance, the mustache would be a great pretext to start conversations and raise awareness on important topics!

2. Support men’s well-being

Movember is a way to reach out to people: talking is the first step to relieve a burden and to fight for a cause!

3. Cancer prevention

Movember’s moto “grow a Mo, save a bro!” encourages participants to talk to their relatives and spread information about cancer prevention!

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer occurring to men between the age 15 and 40.

Prostate cancer widely affects men over the age of 60.

When detected early, we can treat both diseases successfully.

How to detect it? What to do for prevention?

  • Testicular cancer:

  • Prostate Cancer:

Thanks to the Movember foundation, events have been held in countries all over the world to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

Do you want to contribute to this Men cause?

  • Click on the link below to join the movement AND/OR make a donation to the Movember Foundation:

Spread the word and share this article, if you too care about your male relatives!

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