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How to wear Squares?

Alas! Summer is gone and you are now burying your bright clothes in the tumb of your closet... See you next year blue sky and singing birds, I am gonna wear dark until next Spring...

Want to add a little fantasy to your wardrobe in the meantime? The answer is squares! We will show you that you can indulge in check jackets without making people squint !

1) The Prince of Wales Check Blazer!

Discreet but original, this blazer is perfect for the fall season! It can be found in versatile colors like light browns or greys, matching well with most regular elegant pants! We especially love the combination the Yale blue pants!

Our advice: add sophistication to your look thanks to accessories! You can choose a pocket square, a tie or a scarf in similar tones to make your blazer stand out!

2) The double-breasted squared vest !

The double-breasted check vest creates a very gentleman look and adds structure to the outfit! To avoid sight confusion, make sure you vary the scale of the pattern when mixing 2 different square outlines!

For bold patterns like this gentleman’s grey check vest, it is preferable to choose a solid suit to maintain the balance and contrast.

3) The unpaired Tartan trousers ​!

The unpaired Tartan trousers belong to an old British custom of wearing squared pants on the golf greens and on other occasions!

Those odd combinations make up the finest casual elegant styles! Now, all we need to fit into the Brit mold is to show up to the queen’s afternoon tea party!

4) The Gingham shirt !

These bold squares are characteristic of the Gingham shirt and bring a touch of fantasy to a simple outfit! This type of patterns match well with plain colors in similar tones!

5) The Prince of Wales 3-piece suit !

The Prince of Wales 3-piece is the peak of British sophistication! This timeless suit is a must of classiness that can be worn in elegant occasions like a wedding ceremony or in the business context, with or without the vest.

Our advice: when choosing a full squared suit, prefer light patterns, which are subtler than bold ones that are harder to wear.

What about you? Would you go for Prince of Wales check, Gingham or Tartan ?

A Bientôt!

Atelier Fusari

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