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Which style matches more your personnality?

People with style often pretend they randomly picked pieces of clothes from their closet, when in reality their outfit was thoughtfully prepared one day before! Style is the way to identify yourself and show your personality at first glance!

A picture says more than a thousand words, so have a look at those styles!

The sophisticated

The sophisticated has a keen sense of style and is always well pressed. He carefully assembles accessories and colors until he finds the perfect combination. Our tips for a sophisticated look: wear a well-fitted blazer over your shirt closed, match your tie and shoes colors and add complementary accessories such as: glasses, chain wallet, briefcase!

The cool guy

The cool guy is the perfect balance between casual and elegant. He manages to find the right blazer and sneakers to create a clean look! We say cool guy but no looser, if you want to try this look, you should have at least one classy item matching with the casual ones.

The business man

Running down the alleys of Wall Street or the City, the business man is always in a hurry and impeccably dressed! In our opinion, the flat pocket square fold is the last touch that gives a perfect business man image!

The Sprezzatura dandy style

The Italian dandy look is commonly found in the streets of Milan! An open shirt, elegant pants and a pair of loafers are the keys of this Sprezzatura style!

Which style match more your personality?

  1. The sophisticated

  2. The cool guy

  3. The business man

  4. The sprezzatura dandy

Don’t hesitate to change style according to your mood of the moment: be sophisticated on Monday, dandy on Friday nights and cool guy for Sunday brunch!

À bientôt!

Atelier Fusari

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