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How to dress up for Spring?

Few days ago spring just started! New season, new style, new outfits...

We organized an event, in Shanghai, giving some tips on how to dress up for spring. Unfortunately not all of you could attend the event and regarding the success we had, we decided then to share it with you through this article.

Pitti Uomo

The trend and tips we share for Spring 2016 are simple. We suggest 3 main pieces that you need to have in your closet.

The tan blazer

Let's start with the tan blazer, a versatile color, coming back again this year. The main question is why is the tan blazer an essential for Spring? First, its color is fresh and luminous, the tan blazer looks wonderful in the spring season with all these flowers blooming. An other big advantage is, tan colors perfectly match other colors. You have a blue or black pant and you're done, you're elegant and casual. Our tips: Prefer a darker tan blazer if you have a light skin. On the contrary, if you have a dark skin, a lighter color will look better.

Shades of green

The green blazer is the color booming this year and a touch of green on your outfit will make you look fancy! Our tips: Green isn't a basic color, wear it only if you feel comfortable with and start with small accessories.

The timeless trench

The timeless trench

As written above, the trench is a timeless piece, so you may have one already. Let us give you some tips on how to wear it. In 2016, wear it jacket on jacket, ideal way to clash colors, patterns and textures.

Take your trench out of the closet and wear it with almost whatever clothes, you can be sure it's going to match with your outfit.The trench is a « must have » to be elegant for spring!

Don’t forget

Adapt your outfit with the situation.

Match the colors.

Originality is the new fashion for men.

Feel free to exchange with us by comments if you have any question.

À bientôt

Atelier Fusari team

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