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How to dress for a white party?

Forget the idea that a white suit only fits a person of power, fame, and wealth such as Leonardo Dicaprio. The white suit can be the most elegant suit but it has an appropriate time and place for wear, so before you start slipping into that stark blazer let’s read our recommendation for you.

Let’s talk a bit more about what is a white party.

As you can guess by the name, white will be the dress code for this kind of party. Everybody has to be dressed in white. Nowadays, white parties, white events and white dinner are very popular and some concepts have emerged based on this dress code.

Few years ago (in 1988 to be precise) a concept named “Diner en Blanc” started in Paris. The idea is to organize a temporary chic dinner in a public area. The location is revealed just a few hours before the dinner to keep it secret as long as possible. Limited seats but a great adventure that stays in memories forever. Today the “Dinner en Blanc” exists on the 5 continents and it is going to take place in Shanghai again this year at end of May!

When to wear your white outfit?

Summer is definitely the best period! I would say that the only real rule is that the suit must be worn in warm weather: specifically, only in weather above 22 degrees Celsius (72 Fahrenheit). Men living in warmer climates can get a lot of use out of a white suit.

For what occasion to wear it?

Summer parties in the open air, daytime wedding or special events such as a white dinner or a white ceremony. With the time your suit will probably loose its luminous white and be more and more versatile. Wear your white jacket only with a nice shirt for a cocktail along the beach. You will be still elegant and chic!