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How to dress for a wedding ceremony?

With summertime at our doorstep, the bridal season already started!

Being a groomsman is a great opportunity to play with the codes of elegance! Discover our 5 ways of dressing up for best men! Whether you are a marrying couple in search of ideas for the big day or a wedding guest wanting to make an impression, you might be interested in our tips for groomsmen outfits :)

1. The pastel color suit!

Freshen your look with pastel and light colors! Pastel colors and especially light blue and light grey suits are the perfect attire for a warm summer day!You cannot go wrong with these colors!

2. The classic tuxedo

Chic dress codes weddings are a great excuse to pull off a tuxedo! We never have enough occasions to be of the utmost elegance! Try out the blue tuxedo to look as glamourous as Ryan Gosling!

Our recommendation: for groomsmen, be aware that you can wear a tuxedo only if the groom wears one!

3. The creamy color outfit

Those light colored outfits are so typical of the old-fashion, southern style of United States. Just like an outdoor wedding in Alabama! Those country boys look summery in their groom suit!

Our suggestion: to avoid the waiter’s look, pull up your sleeves when you take off your jacket and wear a vest on top of your shirt!

4. The look retro

If you have a feeling for everything that is vintage, you will surely be seduced by these looks that modernize the old classics. Number one of on the originality scale: the double-brested vest!

5. The dandy look with bow tie & suspenders!

For a complete dandy look, bow ties and the suspenders are a must! These stylish accessories would give a jaunty air to the most serious guests! For a sunny look, don’t hesitate to choose colorful bow ties!


1) Adapt your outfit to the theme of the wedding

2) Always check the groom’s outfit first and dress accordingly

3) Don’t forget a nice bow tie or tie!

Are you ready to flaunt your most stylish attires for the upcoming ceremony?

What is your favorite groom look? Feel free to comment under this post and share with us the pictures of your nicest groom outfit! We will elect and publish the photo of the winner!!

À bientôt!

Atelier Fusari

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