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How to dress for a date?

Few days ago we organized an event giving some tips on how to dress sharp and to be more precise, how to dress for a date. We realized not only women but men were really interested about this topic. We decided then to share our tips with you through this blog article. Dressing for a casual date or a dinner date doesn't mean the same outfit. How to make the right impression at the first time?

Atelier Fusari suggests different outfits for each situation. Of course these suggestions are only ideas and other outfits can match as well. Moreover, in case you do not know how to dress and you want to keep it as elegant as safe, you can follow our recommendations below.

Let’s start with the casual date! A casual date is most of cases, the first time you see the person. You will probably go for a walk or for a drink together. It is different than a dinner where you need to dress up a bit more.

The main question is what can you wear for a casual date? Here we will share with you some outfits that in our opinion match with the most personalities and styles. (We will start from the right photo to the left one)

1. On the left we have a dark blue jean with a navy blue suit jacket and a white tee shirt. If you’re a bit shy and not into fashion you will look handsome but discreet.

2. On the second picture we have a beige chino with a light blue shirt and a navy blue suit jacket. This outfit is a little bit more original from the first outfit. It’s the perfect deal with sobriety and elegance.

3. On the third picture, we propose an outfit more appropriate for people with confidence. You can see a slim fit burgundy chino shorter than length legs and with cuff to highlight your suede shoes. On the top part, we have a blue shirt and a dark blue jacket opened to look cooler! Be careful to have a suit jacket always darker than the shirt.

These outfits will have several main advantages:

  • The suit jacket give you a better body shape, you will look elegant and sharp.

  • By dressing like this you're still casual and don’t look like too serious or too formal.

  • These oufits are versatile so basically it's easy to match all the items together.

Tips: Don't over dress or under dress. A casual date isn't a situation where you need a tuxedo but please don't wear your Sunday jogging!

The dinner date

The dinner date is a bit more formal and more important than the casual date. If you're taking the date seriously and if you want to conquer your heart's desire, you will have to go through the dinner date!

Our outfit recommendation in this case is:

  • 2 piece suits or chino pant + suit jacket

  • Well fitted shirt

  • Proper leather shoes

As you know, a suit changes a man. It helps you look the best and gives you confidence. Taking care of your outfit shows you take the date seriously.

The last advantages but not the least is that it distinguishes yourself from the others.

Let’s explain better the above pictures:

1. On the left, we have the most elegant outfit for a dinner date. A dark blue double breasted suit with a vest completed by a white shirt and tie.

2. On the second picture, the 2 piece suit looks still very elegant completed with a white shirt opened collar which is a bit more relax way to wear it.

3. The last picture is definitely the most casual outfit for a dinner date but remains elegant if it is well fitted. You can see a dark blue pant with a light blue shirt and a slim fit suit jacket completed with a pocket square.

Tips: Never forget proper leather shoes with these kind of outfits! Women always pay attention to the man shoe.

Feel free to exchange with us by comments if you have any question.

À bientôt

Atelier Fusari team

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