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How to choose your groom’s outfit?

Wedding bells are ringing in your head as the D-Day is approaching! You are now going over your checklist: the dream location, the guests, the schedule … What about the groom’s attire?

Although she has already been reviewing hundreds of magazines to find her dress, it is harder for you to project yourself into the suit. It is understandable, there are many criteria to comply with when buying a suit…

Don’t worry!! Sit comfortably with your beloved and have a look at our grooms’ looks and tips!

1. The tuxedo

The wedding is the best occasion to put on a tuxedo as it is an elaborate attire that can be worn only in the utmost elegant situations! The silk lapel and pocket side add to the chic of the outfit!

2. The 3-piece grey suit

The 3-piece slim suit is stylish and contemporary, ideal for a wedding! The vest will add all the elegance to your suit and make you stand out from the crowd. The grey color is easy to match with any well fitted shirt completed with a tie or bow-tie. This suit is a good choice as it allows you to wear it again thanks to its classic and modern cut.

3. The original 3-piece suit!

This is the wild romance wedding inspiration, full of countryside charm! The flower attached to the suit jacket and the yellow bowtie give a young touch! The original outfit is made up of a 3-piece suit with an item of a different color such as the vest or by playing on the accessories. You want to be as elegant as original? Choose this outfit!

4. The summer tailored separate!

A little bit different and less formal look: One beige suit pant and a blue fitted blazer harmonized with beige button and beige slim pocket, will give some freshness to your look. To look great, the tailored separated needs to be well accessorize: pocket square and cufflinks are a Must!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know what you think by commenting under this post!

A bientôt!

Atelier Fusari

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