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How to become a Ladies' Man?

Gentlemen, read carefully and you will find out how to become a ladies’ man!

Ladies, here is a guide on how to detect the tricks of those fierce seducers! We classified them by style in order to recognize them at first glance!

It's all about style!

1. The charming gentleman

Impeccably dressed, the charming gentleman is nostalgic of the old times chivalry. His trick: keeping to the classics of courtesy with the association of the vest, bow tie and pocket square. Our advice: if you choose this look, wear a flowery or colorful bow tie to add a touch of originality!

2. The Barry White style!

The Barry White style is self-confident and has a great power of seduction. He wears the warmest colors with great elegance! His secret: a slim-fit jacket that highlights his strong shoulders and waistline! Ladies, if you discover he also sings majestically, escape before your heart melt!

3. The sexy teacher

His “philosophy teacher” attitude gives him an undeniable charm… Always lost in his thoughts or in his books, you will distinguish the sexy teacher by his preppy look. The shirt and the thick glasses are his main attributes! Stop the Sunday Brunches and head up to the library if you want to find this intellectual!

4. The Italian seducer

With his nonchalance and his “devil-may-care-look”, he never seems to put any effort in dressing up. Don’t get fooled by his natural trendiness, he surely spends one hour every morning to perfect his outfit! Do you want to know his secret? Finding the accessory that will make him stand out: round sun-glasses, pattern pocket square or knitted tie!

5. The Gao Fu Shuai

Gao Fu Shuai is a Chinese saying that literally means “tall, rich and handsome”. There is nothing more to be said about these typical Asian seducers, except that they look even more radiant in their black tuxedo!

For novices: on the left side is Wallace Huo 霍建华, a famous Chinese actor that just got married to the gorgeous Ruby Lin 林心如. On the left side is the Korean actor Song Seung Heon 宋承宪 who is dating the beautiful Crystal Liu 刘亦菲.

Don’t forget that all those seducers have something in common: A VERY GOOD TAILOR ;) !

A bientôt !

Atelier Fusari

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