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3 Reasons to wear a bow tie?

Since a few years, bow tie is coming back into trends. Such as the peak lapel suit jacket or the tweed fabric, these traditional items of clothing are the new fashion.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why to wear a bow tie.

1. Be different

What’s your opinion of a man wearing a tie and another one wearing a bow tie?

Wearing a tie is more classic. Wearing a bow tie will always makes the difference. Even if you’re wearing the most wonderful and original tie ever, if you wear a bow tie the first sight will be yours.

2. Look classy

Forget the idea you’re looking like a clown when you have a bow tie. Today the fashion isn’t to wear a tie anymore. You want to be the most elegant for the next gala dinner? Opt for a nice black or white bow tie with a tailor made tuxedo. The perfect outfit to be classy and different.

3. Stay original