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3 blazers a man should have in its closet

Gentlemen, what piece of clothing looks good, is incredibly versatile, but is not a suit or a sport coat?

Simple answer: the blazer. This article for men will help you to complete your wardrobe.

The navy blue blazer


Go from the office directly to the weekend end.

You just have read the main advantage of the navy blue blazer. Basically it’s a blazer that you will be able to wear even in business situations than in casual chic ones.

It is a versatile item that can pair numerous items already in your closet such as with a shirt or polo and whatever trouser you want, blue jean or chic chino. Shoes are the easiest part to match. Black or any shade of brown shoes – merlot, oxblood, walnut, etc. – all go great with a solid navy blue blazer. Don’t over think it.

More details on how to wear a navy blue blazer at:

Lookbook photos on:|men|navy-blazer|looks

The dark grey blazer


Perhaps the most classic and timeless of these 3 blazers, the dark grey blazer or sharecoal grey blazer is associated with blue navy trousers since decades. It’s the reverse style than the navy blue with grey trouser.

Dark grey blazer is a very masculine hue that will ensure you’re always looking confident and stylish. Indeed, you can't make any mystakes with dark grey, it's the most versatile hue.

This blazer will fits perfectly for business occasion as well as for casual ones.

The tan blazer

Photocredit: Ralph Lauren and

This 3rd option is more casual and is perfect to complete your blazer collection. Thanks to his luminous hue, the tan blazer looks wonderful in the summer season but match perfectly in the winter with a tweed fabric.

For smart casual events let’s wear it with leather brogues and a roll neck and if you want to hangout with friends for mid-week drinks switch it to a pair of boots and a crew neck jumper.

More tips:

Don't forget

These 3 blazers are essential for men who like to dress smart and refined on a daily basic.

Throughout all these tips do not forget Atelier Fusari's main rules, your blazer should not be too thigh and not too loose, sleeves not too short and not too long likewise for the length.

Feel free to exchange with us by comments if you have any question.

À bientôt

Atelier Fusari team

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